go well be well






Ally and three other artists - members of the artist's collective "Oh My Word!" worked together to create an installation / performance work commissioned by Camberwell Arts Week.

The intention of the work was to highlight aspects of Camberwell's fascinating past and to provoke consideration of a number of pertinent topics. 

The artwork consisted of the creation of a branded Camberwell water product which were put in local cafes and bars, the design and print of tee shirts worn in cafes and bars and retail outlets by their employees and posters to be displayed all around the town. The artists set up stalls during Camberwell Arts Week and introduced a subtle performance aspect to the work as they promoted the product and the 'Go Well Be Well' concept.







The Well in Camberwell was what established it as a desirable location for recreation and refreshment during the 18 - 19th centuries. People would come from far and wide to experience the healing waters and to delight in Camberwell's rural tranquillity. Water was what brought Camberwell notoriety and wealth. Today the pursuit of health and wellbeing and our inbuilt longing to be truly well is as strong as ever and the text on the artwork's logo indicates this.

Due to the impact of climate change and population growth, the location of good water supplies may be seen to once again, very directly impact the wealth and survival of locations and communities around the globe.

The work raises questions about marketing and branding strategies and how they affect people's perception and interest in an area and also our present day inclination to seek and drink what is perceived to be the most 'pure' water.