This piece 'encounters' is symbolic of the journey of life and the influence that particular encounters with people can have on an individual.

Oddly and incredibly, even a single word (that may have been spoken many times before) can on a specific moment, impact such that one's thinking and behaviour from then on is affected, coloured in a new way.

These influences manifest themselves differently on different days, having become absorbed into who we are. Each day is it's own unique unit.

This work uses sticks - a simple 'every day' item - and each is individually painted.  Every one has it's own pattern and colour and the way the sticks are placed, indicates influence by what has gone before.  

The installation consists of hundreds of painted sticks, placed side by side, weaving their way through the landscape.

Encounters is an expression both of gratitude for those who have positively impacted my life and also of a desire to live life in the fullness of each new day, knowing that it too has its unrepeatable uniqueness.