chosen stones






For her first piece of work as Artist in Residence at the Bradfield Club in Peckham, Ally wanted to create an artwork that in some way would enable her to become more connected to the Club - its origins, history and current contributors.  In addition, to attempt to convey her heartfelt belief that the Bradfield Club is a special place and has a significant part to play in the realisation of a living, vibrant hope for the community of Peckham in this time.

Everyone involved in the Club was invited to contribute a stone for this artwork as a symbol of their connectedness to the Club.  It was a real joy for her to receive each individually selected stone, often handed over with the tale of how and why it was in that person's possession, the story behind it and what it meant to them.  The thoughtfulness and generosity of the participants left a deep impression.  

At the base of each of the twelve rising strands are stones from the Bradfield College where the Club has its foundation and ongoing essential support, along with stones from the immediate area around the Bradfield Club in Peckham.   These link with other stones in the strands - an invisible connectedness - hinting at the unseen yet beautiful orchestration of God in and through our lives.

It is Ally's hope that in viewing the work you will have a sense of wonder at your uniqueness and the invaluable contribution you make in your sphere of life and be able to delight in the fact that in wholesome alignment with God and others, an amazing living and eternal building project is taking place.